After many weeks of experimentation with a variety of mechanisms for generating clear, pure ice, I impulse-bought the Ice Chest. I haven’t achieved the level of perfection seen in the product pictures, but the clarity of the ice is categorically superior to ordinary ice, and I recommend the product.

It’s common knowledge that pure ice is beautiful and lasts longer, but one quality that I particularly enjoy is the taste: the directional freezing process has a very pronounced purifying effect, so I doubly recommend a directional freezing solution if your tap water has an unpleasant after-taste.

There’s a lot of information about directional freezing on the internet, but verifying the efficacy of the process is quite simple: just fill an insulated vessel such as a insulated lunch box or vacuum flask half-full of water and leave it uncovered in the freezer for 24 hours. Don’t fill the vessel completely or the expanding ice may cause deformation.