Skyrim SE looks fantastic at 2560x1440 on the 27 inch IPS ASUS ROG display I picked up in a Black Friday sale. Works nicely with a Flow monitor arm for maximum desktop real estate.

The max refresh rate reported by Ubuntu is 144hz. I’m not terribly worried about it because the Steam overlay’s FPS counter shows Skyrim capped at 60 FPS, even with vysnc disabled system-wide. Apparently this is limitation of the game. Shadow of Mordor cheerfully exceeds 60 FPS but only if the FPS cap and vsync are disabled in-game, so I suspect a modeline reporting issue of some sort. xrandr --query reports ‘59.95 + 144.00’ as the refresh rate.

I’ve always thought it best for the environment and my bank account to use a piece of technology until it was completely broken and unusable, but this purchase has definitely made me reconsider that position. Maybe it’s finally time to jump on the raytracing bandwagon.